Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HaPpY nEw YeAr'S bReAkFaSt!!

It's the first day of the new year, and it's ripe with possibilities and promises (that will probably be broken by the end of the month...er, week... if traditions at my house hold true!).  But that doesn't mean that I don't keep trying, year after year!  One of my resolutions is to post more often and not be afraid of what might come out of my keyboard....I get so afraid of not saying something right, not having a picture or a graphic that is worthy of anyone to look at, or, gasp, not being funny enough(!) and so I end up not putting anything down at all.  Well, guess what?  I'll be eating that fear for breakfast* every morning (or a few times a week) and showing it who's boss!  [and hoping at the same time it doesn't give me indigestion.]

*Back story:  About 5 years ago, my daughter Maya was 4.  One of her favorite grown up shows to watch with us was the remake of "The Bionic Woman" on NBC.  Do you remember that show?  It only lasted about one season and didn't get very good ratings.  Anyhoo, long story short, the main character had been in a nasty car accident.  In order to save her life, her boyfriend, or father, i don't remember, gave her up to some government agency to do all these experimental implants, making her super strong and almost indestructible (aka bionic, lol).  Despite being as awesome as that, she still got her fair share of butt-kicking by all the bad guys she was supposed to, and eventually did, beat up...but Maya didn't care.  She just loved to watch a girl super-hero save the world of evil and injustice!  During the day, Maya would dress up all in black and run back and forth in the hallway and finally jump out into the living room saying, "I eat bad guys for breakfast!"  It was really adorable!


So here's a graphic.  I made it myself!  This morning even!  yeah, I'm kinda amazed that I let go and put it up...so now you have something (kinda) pretty to look at AND I ate some fear for breakfast!  my next step will be learning how to make some for you guys to print off, if you're wanting.  Actually, my next step will be posting again tomorrow...

Always eat what you're afraid of for breakfast!  Show it who's boss.  Be your own bionic woman and kick those fears in the butt, even if they do hit back a little.  You'll feel great about what you've done for the rest of the day...unless it's laundry.  or dishes.  Those have got to be the bane of my existence.

So what's on your breakfast menu this year?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


all 5 of us, 2011
Hey!  I'm so excited to see you:)  But don't worry, I'm usually excited to see everyone....well, almost everyone, lol!  On this new and improved blog of mine, I'd like to share some funny stories (usually involving my kids), some of the projects I'm working on (I have a ton of great ideas involving sewing, crocheting, and basic crafting) as well as any recipes that I'm super excited about (I'm a lazy cook, but an awesome baker!), and any cleaning and organization tips that I'm trying out and whether they work or not:).  As far as the cleaning and organization goes...I'm trying.  I'm horrible at keeping house, and if you were to stop by, I'm sure it would be a nasty mess:)  On top of my aversion to picking up, we are one year into renovations on our house.  Not just one room.  All of them.  While we live here.  Plus, we added an addition on right after we moved in.  Yeah...It's a mess.  A closet-challenged former hunting camp...on 8 beautiful acres:)  I'm sure there will be more on this later.  As far as pictures go, I'm a little lacking in this area too, but I'll try to fix this for you all.  I know that a lot of you, who I already know and love, are itching to see what we've gotten ourselves into if you haven't been over yet (shame on me!).  So I hope you're ready for my crazy thoughts on everyday life, and don't judge me for not always being able to always find things, it's gotta be somewhere in all this mess:)